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About PhotonIC Corp.

PhotonIC Corp. develops, fabricates, and manufactures highly integrated photonic and electronic devices that promise to revolutionize conventional electronics by overcoming the inherent limitations of copper circuitry. To achieve these goals, our organization leverages established silicon and CMOS processes to integrate optical and electronic components on a single substrate, thereby reaping the benefits of reduced power consumption and vastly increased bandwidth at significantly lower costs.

Leader in Silicon Photonics

Until recently, exponential increases in the speed, efficiency, and processing power of conventional electronic devices were achieved largely through the downscaling and clustering of components on a chip. However, this trend toward miniaturization has yielded unwanted effects in the form of significant increases in power consumption, heat dissipation, and signal propagation delay. As a result, traditional microelectronics will soon fall short of meeting market needs, inhibited by the thermal and bandwidth bottlenecks inherent in copper wiring.

PhotonIC Corp. aims to bridge this gap by creating highly integrated photonic and electronic components that combine the functionality of conventional CMOS circuits with the significantly enhanced system performance of photonic solutions. By allowing for the seamless integration of optical and electronic components on silicon-based substrates, this technology holds the key to fulfilling market needs for higher bandwidth and processing speed at lower power and cost.

Our organization also brings to bear proprietary, CMOS-compatible manufacturing processes, along with a dedicated in-house fabrication facility, that allow us to deliver top-level performance while dramatically lowering manufacturing costs.

In short, PhotonIC Corp. combines the strengths of conventional CMOS circuits with novel photonic circuit designs to produce highly integrated, silicon-based products that will meet the compelling need for enhanced system performance at lower power and cost for generations to come.

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